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Packet Radio

      Outpost PMM © software is packet radio software that looks like a typical email client. It allows the user to concentrate on the message content and completes all the packet radio commands in the backgound. This reduces the amount of time and effort needed to get started with messaging via packet radio.

The latest version of the software may be downloaded here.

Outpost User Guides for the latest release are available as PDF files.

Some informative tutorial videos on packet radio and Outpost PMM by K8BZ can be found here.

UZ7HO software is used to setup packet radio capabilities using a software TNC. The software has been tested with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. The installation software and English version of the user guide may be found at this link.

SignaLink USB radio cable and jumper module guide.
SignaLink jumper settings for base and mobile radios.

Click this link to learn how to setup a Raspberry Pi computer for use with your ham radio station. This link describes the setup and software installation for use with FLDIGI and NBEMS as well as satellite tracking, APRS, earthquake monitoring, airline tracking and SDR radio.

Outpost PMM © is copyrighted by Jim Oberhofer KN6PE
UZ7HO software is copyrighted by Andrey Kopanchuk UZ7HO
Copyright Hancock Auxcomm Team (WV8HAT) All Rights Reserved.